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Qualification and Credential Verification

We verify the accuracy of professional, employment and education credentials using primary sources and direct contact with issuing authorities. Operating globally and in all sectors, Dataflow specializes in conducting verifications for labor exporting countries and high demand professions. Our services are used by many governments and professional bodies in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, including the largest medical and engineering councils. Our screening systems prevent thousands unaccredited professionals from migrating to our client countries every month.

Watch List Screening

DataFlow'sCrossCheck platform provides desktop access to millions of risk profiles on individuals and companies. CrossCheck aggregates information from open sources such as government records, global watch lists, media reports, court reports and disciplinary actions from regulatory bodies. We've collected more than 4 million records since 2003 and invested 500 man years of effort into identifying, collating and maintaining our data.

Our records include:

  • Global Criminality data sourced from more than 300 jurisdictions
  • Regulatory data sourced from more than 200 agencies
  • Terrorism data distributed by government agencies and NGOs
  • Banned companies data from governments and multilateral organizations
  • Suspect employers data identifying companies involved in falsifying records to facilitate immigration

Our data has been used by employment background screening companies, banks and financial services companies, due diligence firms, consulates and visa issuing offices of foreign missions.

Unique datasets

Our proprietary data include more than 10,000 internationally mobile professionals who used fake credentials to apply for visas and employment. Many of these fraudsters are from high-risk professions such as medicine and engineering and are still seeking employment.

We have also documented thousands of fake and unaccredited education institutions, many of which continue to issue unrecognized or otherwise illicit qualifications, contributing to a growing pool of unqualified, illegitimate professionals.